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Virtual offices

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Virtual office give you the opportunity to have one’s corporate address in a prestigious A+ class building in the center of Warsaw with a full secretary service. At the same time, it allows you to minimize the costs connected with running an office and hiring personnel. Our offer allows you to minimize all costs and to use the highest standard spaces.

Virtual office is not just a correspondence address – it is a place where the companies representatives can organize a successful meeting with their client. For business meetings in Vimar Office in Warsaw you will only pay for the time you actually spent in one of our conference rooms. It is an ideal solution for the companies, which do not need an office for running a business, but on the other hand wants to take advantages of having one’s corporate address and the meeting place in a prestigious office building.
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You are wondering if the virtual office is a good solution for you? Answer a few questions here: Do you need an actual office or just a place where you can organize a meeting with your client, but you are running your business somewhere else ex. at home or in a less luxurious localization? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the virtual address in A+ class building localized in the very heart of Warsaw without the enormous costs of the office space renting? And finally, do you want to increase you company’s position on the real estate market?

Vimar Office in Warsaw may become the company’s showcase and also a valuable bargaining chip helping you in gaining new clients. Your client seeing that your company has its registered office in a luxury office building will be more willing to accept the agreement provisions and to undertake the cooperation with you – from a purely psychological perspective such company become more attractive in the eyes of the potential client than the company from the suburbs.


We give you the possibility to use the address in the luxury A+ class building as a showcase of your company.


Office in the city centre of  Warsaw is not only distinguished, but also has availability of all the necessary facilities.

Low costs

Virtual Office renting allows you to minimize the costs of running an office and hiring personnel.


All deadlines and commitments will be managed on time. Vimar Office ensures the best service.


The spaces are adapted completely to the needs of the individual clients expectations.


Working in an office located in the Concept Tower building is an absolute pleasure. We have comfortable office spaces designed to meet even the highest expectations.


Individual approach and profitable solutions. Many companies already trusted us.


We offer tried-and-tested, comprehensive and beneficial solutions concerning virtual office accounting.
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For a long time it has been known that sayings such as “first impression counts” or “clothes makes the man” does not come from nowhere. People are visual learners, who frequently judge a book by its cover. The offer and your approach to the client is of great importance, but if you want to make a good impression and to provide you a better position in the negotiations use the potential of the virtual office.

Virtual office in the center of Warsaw gives you a decisive advantages. A potential client enters your website and sees an address in a luxury A+ class building. He contacts you using the Warsaw landline number and the phone call is automatically redirected to your mobile phone. There is only one step to organize a successful business meeting – conference room reservation. When your client comes to a meeting, he will see the name and logo of your Company in the reception lobby. This will make him believe that your Company has its registered office in the Concept Tower building. After a successful meeting you and your client will left completely satisfied. Virtual office is not just a place – it is a tool for success.
#01. Your virtual office
Mr. Adam is interested in your company’s offer. He is impressed after entering your website and checking your address and phone number. Your company has its registered office in a prestigious Concept Tower building in Warsaw.
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#02. First contact
Mr. Adam grabs his phone and dials the Warsaw landline number. He does not know that the call will be redirected on your mobile phone. On the other hand you know that he called your virtual office.
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#03. No matter where, no matter how
You can run your business at home in another city or even on a deserted island on Bahamas – Mr. Adam does not have any idea about it, but you know that you do not have to bear enormous costs connected with running an office in the center of Warsaw.
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#04. Conference rooms reservation
During the phone conversation you check the available dates and schedule a meeting. You can make the reservation of the conference room for as long as you need to finalize the agreement.
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#05. Journey
Concept Tower is located in the center of Warsaw. This localization ensures an excellent and smooth access to the public transport like trains, trams, buses or planes. We do not recommend parachuting, but we might find a landing area for a helicopter if required.
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#06. Lobby
Mr. Adam enters the Concept Tower building where he is sent directly to the conference room. In the reception lobby he sees your company’s logotype. He knows exactly where he is.
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#07. Meeting
The meeting starts right at the time. You might offer Mr. Adam a delicious coffee, biscuits and at the same time encourage him to enjoy the view behind the window. Such moves will definitely be in your favor.
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#08. End of the meeting
After a productive meeting Mr. Adam returns home satisfied. You on the other hand, pay for the actual time spent in the conference room. The cost is not so huge, but the advantages of such solution are priceless.



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Correspondence address, registration address, handling correspondence, e-mail notification about incoming correspondence
70* / 79  PLN a month
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All virtual address package benefits

Correspondence scanning up to 100 pages/month
80* / 89  PLN a month
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All virtual address + package benefits

Unlimited correspondence scanning, the possibility to send incoming correspondence to a given address once a week, local fax number, 10% conference rooms discount
125* / 135  PLN a month
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All virtual office package benefits

dedicated telephone land line, company’s name and logo in the reception lobby
240* / 259  PLN a month
*Monthly cost of the package for one year paid in advance


Company’s registration address / correspondence address
The address for the purposes of registration in KRS and other Institutions, but also for marketing purposes – companies printing materials, business cards and stamps. It is a prestigious location in A+ class building without a premise number.

Handling correspondence
Receiving standard, registered, priority and courier letters and packages. Our clients will be provided with the information about the date of delivery, as well as the time we sent the notification to the lessee.

The shipment notification via email
We send you an email with the information about the number of letters/packages, but also the scan of envelopes in PDF format, so that you may check who is the sender.

Correspondence scanning
At the request of the lessee we open, scan and send the incoming correspondence to a given email address. Sending correspondence to a given address once a week. It takes place once a week at the cost of the lessee.

Dedicated telephone line
Individual land line with a constant redirection of the incoming calls to the designated mobile number.
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Urząd Skarbowy Warszawa- Wola
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2 D, 01-381 Warszawa
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Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych
ul. Wrocławska 20,
01-493 Warszawa
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Urząd Pocztowy Warszawa 22
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tel.: 22 557 99 29

Urząd Dzielnicy Wola m. st. Warszawy
Al. Solidarności 90,
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Sąd Rejonowy dla m. st. Warszawy w Warszawie
XII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
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tel.: 22 440 06 91, 22 44 06 92

Urząd Statystyczny w Warszawie
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